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Who is National Energy Group?
We are a licensed electricity broker providing service to over 5,000 individuals and businesses throughout the country. Our goal is to further the objective of deregulation by lowering our clients' electricity bills, plus identify other areas of savings for them.

How can you offer such a low electricity rate and what determines it?

We have lower overhead and can therefore offer attractive rates to our customers.

When I switch suppliers, is there a disruption of power?

No. The switch from one supplier to another is seamless and there is no change in service or billing.

What should we do about contacting our current supplier?

With your written authorization, we handle the switch from your current supplier to us. There is no need to contact your current supplier unless you have a contract with them.

When will my service start?

The transfer of service starts on the customer's next meter read date after approval.

Do you offer green energy?

We buy REC's (Renewable Energy Credits) and they total 14% of all the energy we will be using this year.

Will I get a confirmation when I enroll online?

Only our customers that enroll online will receive an e-mail confirmation of their enrollment.

Who do I pay? Will it say National Energy Group as my supplier on my bill, or will I be getting a separate bill from you?

You will receive only one bill. All customers are still invoiced by their local utility and are expected to still pay them as they always have. The utility will pay us.

How will I know that I'm a National Energy Group customer?

Upon enrollment, the utilities have two days to get back to us with an approval or a rejection. If rejected, we will attempt to find out why. Otherwise, you will see National Energy Group on your next electric bill after the transfer of suppliers takes place.

Where does your power come from?

We acquire power through many different sources, similar to other utilities.

What if I have a contract?

Unless you're able to get a release of your current contract, we ask that you adhere to any previous contractual obligations you have with your current supplier.

Do you have a higher rate during peak hours?

No. We have one flat rate throughout the day and do not offer time of use rates.

Is National Energy Group service going to be available in other states?

Yes. We are currently looking to expand into several other deregulated states. We will make an announcement when that happens. We currently service: Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Illinois, Maryland and Massachusetts. We will be adding additional states in the near future.

What is your service area in Connecticut? Can we transfer if we're with Groton Utilities or live in Wallingford?

No. We cover the entire state except for Wallingford and Groton.

Can we receive your service if we're on a budget plan or energy assistance?

Yes. Customers on budget plans will have their utility invoices prorated to our lower rate. This is generally done at the end of the year.

Can we receive your service if we owe money to the utility?

Yes. But customers are still responsible for paying the previous amount due to them.

Can we receive your service if our new address hasn't been activated yet through the utility?

No. A current utility account must be in place before we are able to make the switch.

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